Friday, November 17, 2006

Let's have a big welcome to Dorothy Thompson, relationship expert, author, columnist, renowned authority on the Soul Mate phenomena, and queen of the e-books!!

Dorothy has graciously made this one of the stops on her whirlwind blog tour promoting her newest e-book, "A Complete Guide to Promoting and Selling Your Self-published E-book"

Welcome Dorothy. I'd like to have a little Q&A session with you, so here goes.

Dorothy, in compiling this e-book, have you found ways to entice that elusive New York agent you've been trying for?
Hi Linda, and thanks for having me! When you ask have I found ways to entice a NY agent, are you meaning with the eBook or in general?
This eBook is a whole different ballgame. It's not meant to entice a NY agent. It's meant to be an informational eBook, and has a definite place in our writing world. It's a resource for writers who want to pump up their promotion. I'm perfectly happy with this book in electronic format because of the hundreds of clickable promotional links, which you just can't achieve with a print book.
If you mean have I found the secret to getting a NY agent in my promotional travels, lol, well, I have learned how to promote and sell an eBook that is virtually 100% profit, but as far as finding an agent is concerned, I have learned that you need to write a book that will make them profit, too. Sad to say, but it's all about money. And, hey, we all need to eat and pay for bills, so I'm not knocking it. That's why I stress to do something else while you're waiting for that NY contract, that WILL bring in that money. Publishing eBooks yourself is the ticket.
2. With the success of your Soul Mate Books, can we expect another one soon? Will this be an e-book?
Oh, Linda, I'm so happy you asked. I will have another soul mate book come out next year with Zumaya Publications. It's called "The Soul Mate Triangle: Unlocking the Secrets to the Soul Mate Relationship." Since I've been contracted, this will not be a self-published book or self-published eBook. Not only will it be in print, but it will also be in electronic format because that's the way Zumaya is set up. That's one thing I really love about them. You have your choice.
I do plan on one more self-published eBook, plus I might throw another idea out to Zumaya. But, that's later on down the road.
3. Reading "The Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your E-Book" it's easy to see how you've become such a success with e-books. Do you think the future looks brighter and more promising for new authors with e-books? And finally, do you plan to continue your pursuit of those big guns in NY?
YES! Once people get drift of this new way of publishing (and it's so easy!), I believe you will see more and more of it. That's why I felt the need to get this eBook out now. It's five years of research compiled into 120 pages that will show writers the step-by-step process to get that eBook out and selling. It's the perfect money-making project that you can do while you're waiting for that NY project. And why not? Self-published eBooks are selling quite well. Some for over a hundred dollars. The way I look at it is that any money is profit being as it costs virtually nothing to put together, and using the strategies in my eBook, nothing to promote.
I'm always looking for a NY agent for my other projects. I don't see myself ever giving up on that. These books are fictional, mainly. Fiction is a hard sell in electronic format, but it can be done if you pump up your promotional strategies. You need to zero in on your market. Once you have a market that would buy your eBook, you've crossed that first hurdle. And that's why it's harder with fiction. With non-fiction, for example an eBook on how to train dogs, it's easy to find that market and target them. Most fiction readers still prefer print, and that's okay. There's a huge opportunity out there for informational eBooks. Tap into it and you'll see profits you never dreamed of.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer these questions . I know how hard you've been working to pormote this book, along with the others you have out.

If any of you have any questions for Dorothy, please visit her websites at: or

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Linda L. Rucker

Alert!! Update on Dorothy Thompson

Dorothy will be appearing here tomorrow instead of the 18th so be sure to check in.


I am so proud and happy I could bust. Last Winter, the exciting band I told you about previously was on MTV last night! Their song, "Don't Forget to Write" was played in an emotionally charged scene during the season three finale of "Laguna Beach."
On Monday, the boys will be doing an interview with MTV at Universal Studios .
"Last Winter" will be appearing on "My Super Sweet Sixteen". Taping will be on December 9, 2006.
Keep checking back for updates on when the show will air, and do try to find a rerun of the season three finale of Laguna Beach and give a listen to Last Winter's , "Don't Forget to Write".
You can order a copy of their CD, "Transmission: Skyline from their blog at MySpace.
I guess it would be a good idea to tell you all just why I'm so proud of these guys. My son, Bo, is the bass player for "Last Winter". He and Fro have played together for years, back when they were known as Strain Theory. It has taken a long time and a helluva lot of hard work and determination, but the guys have finally made it.
I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see "Last Winter" take top honors at the MTV Music Awards next year.
Keep checking back here for updates on the band, and don't forget to order your copy of
"Transmission: Skyline"

For anyone interested, I have an interview going up on blogcrit soon. I was contacted by
Ambrose Musiyiwa and asked to do an interview about self-publishing and why I chose that route for my second novel.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On Self- Publishing.

Like a great many of the un-initiated, I too went with Publish America for my first book. At first, I was elated that a so called traditional, royalty paying publisher wanted to publish my book, but when I held the finished product in my hand, I was horrified.No editing, was the worst of what I saw. As a new writer, I had no idea about editing. I figured that if the spelling was correct, then the manuscript was good to go.It wasn’t until after I had signed the contract, that I discovered a world of information online in the form of writing and critiquing groups. Trust me, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, but a lot of knowledge is priceless.After my first novel was released, and I discovered that the marketing and promotion of it fell to me, I made the decision NOT to promote it. PA was not going to make money off of me. I was ashamed of my book. NOT the story, but the rest of it. The POV, the tenses, the editing or lack thereof. The story is unique, one of a kind, and of that I was particularly proud. But, even that pride was overshadowed by the stigma that attached itself to my book. It was POD.Now just why a technology should cause such an uproar, is beyond me. It really is a wonderful tool and one those big guns need to start utilizing. It will save them thousands of dollars in warehousing fees for those unsaleable bios and memoirs they insist on publishing.But, I’m getting off track here.For my second novel, I refused to allow PA to touch it. I shopped it around, and landed an agent. She was a good agent, but patience has never been one of my virtues, so waiting for her to find a publisher just didn’t work for me. But, more that was the notion that when she did find one, it could be anywhere from eighteen months to three years before my book hit the stores. As I said, patience is not a virtue for me.So, I chose to release my agent from her contract and go with self-publishing. Most folks think that term is a death knell, but is it really?My book is available through Ingrams, as well as Baker and Taylor. Any book store in the world can order it, if they so choose. I have control over the discount I give to booksellers, I have control over the price of the book and I own the rights to it. Unlike PA’s seven year contract, where they hold all rights to the book, with self-publishing I can pull my book from them at any time. If I happen to get a movie deal out of the book, all of the profits are mine. I don’t have to give the publisher fifty percent.The quality of a self published book has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and there are some, like Star Publishing that actually screen the manuscripts sent to them. If a book isn’t quality, then they won’t accept it, regardless of the fact that they charge the author for publishing. And why? Because they and a couple of other subsidy publishers are trying to erase the stigma of self published books.In due time, it will become as hard to get a manuscript accepted by a subsidy press as it is a traditional publisher, and the stigma will be erased.As a new writer, at least in the published sense, I am still learning. My first book, “What the Heart Wants” is a good book, with a unique storyline and likeable characters. The fact that it is my first almost excuses the mistakes I made in it. My second book, “Dark Ridge” is far and above a better book. Good, strong characters, a good storyline, better written. Between the two, I have had about a dozen short stories accepted for publiscation in anthologies, and magazines. I’ve even been paid for a couple of them. So, I am growing as a writer, and even developing a fan base, albeit a small one. But, in all things, one must crawl before one can walk.I think the self published route was a good fit for my second book. I don’t regret my choice to do it. Because, for one, it is already available, and when my next book, the sequel to Dark Ridge is finished, people will hopefully be acquainted with the characters and will look forward to its release.The way the major houses operate these days, afraid to take a chance, afraid to step into the 21st century, they are missing out on some terrific writers and some wonderful books. But, their loss is the small presses and the subsidy publishers gain.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Starving Authors Show

A friend of mine and a fellow author has decided that we need a starving authors show. Much like artists have with their work, he is trying to drum up enough support to produce a television show which will showcase little or virtually unknown authors and their work.
Trust me, there are thousands of writers out there who receive little or no recognition. Some for obvious reasons; little or no talent. But, there are others out there who are very talented and are able to paint exquisite pictures with their words. These are the authors who need help getting their work out and into the hands of the reading public.
Hence, Mike's idea for the show. But, like all ventures, he needs capital. Investors who not only love to support the arts, but folks who actually pick up a book every now and again and read it.
Its not easy, but if we can get the word out, then maybe, just maybe it will catch the attention of someone who knows someone. It can happen.
So far, I believe he has contacted Miss Oprah. Now, there is a lady who has the wherewithal to help these starving authors, and all it would take is a wee bit of her time. Oprah reads; a lot. Her book club selections have skyrocketed to the top of the NY Times Bestsellers list simply by virtue of her name being associated with them.
Of course, here lately, she has chosen to support the classics. Not a bad thing, really its not, but come on Oprah, these folks are long in their graves and their works are so well known, why do you feel that they need a boost from you?
Why can't you put your support behind the thousands of unknown authors out there whose work is every bit as deserving of your attention as Steinbeck or Buck?
The publishing industry has lost so much of its respect over the last decade. The major houses are choosing to lavish ridiculous advances on celebrities and well established authors. A lot of the times, the publisher barely breaks even. Why is that? Perhaps it is because they foolishly think the reading public no longer cares about anything but the deep, or more often than not, shallow secrets of the rich and famous.
I know several authors, excellent writers who have been at this business for decades, and simply can not get a break. Why? They have wonderful books. Fabulous stories to tell, and not a single agent or publisher is willing to take a chance on them because they are unknown. So, these talented people find alternate ways to get their work out. Some self publish, some have discovered the miracle of independent presses, and a growing number have found e-books.
Now, I'm not saying that all these books are good. Hell, most of them are just awful, but there are some that are excellent.
Some authors who went with independent presses or self published, like Natalie R. Collins and James Conroyd Martin , who wrote such excellent books, but were turned down time and again by the major houses, both of publishers and agents. These two had such wonderfull books that St. Martin's Press picked them up, BUT only after they had busted their butts promoting and selling their books. Sometimes even out of the trunks of their cars.
So, they had to prove to the big guns that they could write before the publishers would even acknowlege them.
And that is just stupid. Today there are a great many writers out there who create memorable characters, unbelievable plots, in fantastic worlds, but because their names are not, Ludlum, Grisham, or some celebrity, they go un-noticed and unread, and that's a shame.
Its a shame that someone with Oprah's influence and resources can't realize that just by a nod of her head, she could be introducing the world to some of the best writing to come along in decades.
A person who gives aways millions every year can certainly afford to buy a fifteen dollar book from an unknown author and give it a read, and if she likes it, a nod. And all that would cost her is a good word.
A good word from someone like Miss Oprah and a deserving author would get the recognition he or she so richly deserves. What do you say, Oprah?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For Your Entertainment
I have some great news to share with you all!!

Dorothy Thompson: Coming Soon

Dorothy Thompson, author, editor, columnist and reigning soul mate queen will be stopping by here on her whirlwind blog tour to promote her books and to help you unlock the secrets of the soul mate phenomenon.
Dorothy has written several books on relationships and has recently released a brand new e-book entitled: "A Complete Guide to Promoting and Selling Your Self-Published E-Book"
As an expert in the relationship field, Dorothy will be answering questions and giving her expert advise to questions on relationships, the soul mate phenomenon, and on self-publishing and promoting your very own e-books.
Be sure to pop on over to Dorothy's website: and order copies of her books.

There is a band here in Orlando, Florida that is about to take the world by storm.

The band is "Last Winter" and they have just received the kind of news that every band in the world longs to receive!!

Shhhhh, its a secret, and I can't divulge any of the particulars, but this is huge. We're talking life altering, worldwide renown huge!

Pop over to their MySpace at : and get acquainted with the boys int he band and their music. And while you're there be sure to order a copy of their awesome CD, Transmission:Skyline.

And just a wee tiny hint, keep watching your MTV!

Sales for Dark Ridge are better than I'd hoped. Everyone who reads this blog, go on and order your copy. You know you want to. And for all of you who order copies within the next five days, send me an email and I'll send you an authograph plate to attach to your book.

Yippeee!! You say? Hey, you just never know. One of these days that autograph and that book could be worth a fortune!!

You can order your copy at: or from any book retailer in the US of A.

Happy reading!